Chapter 4:

  1. Needham-Schroeder Protocol
  2. Define Digital Signature and Explain Any Digital Signature Algorithm in Detail
  3. Explain RSA Digital Signature
  4. Digital Signature & Digital Certificate

Chapter 5:

  1. Explain Memory and Address Protection in Detail
  2. Write a Note on File Protection
  3. Explain Database Security; What Do You Understand by Multilevel Database Security?
  4. Explain Multilevel Database Security

Chapter 6:

  1. Secure Socket Layer Protocol: Short Note
  2. Explain Handshake Protocol
  3. Short Note on Web Browser
  4. Explain Clickjacking and Session Hijacking
  5. Short Note: Email & DNS Attacks
  6. Explain Different Types of Firewalls and the Layers in Which They Operate
  7. Explain the Handshake
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