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Analysis of algorithms viva question semester 4 mumbai university

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  • What is the mathematical background required for algorithm analysis?
  • What is the significance of performance analysis in algorithms?
  • Define space complexity and time complexity in algorithm analysis.
  • Explain Big-Oh, Omega Theta notations in algorithm analysis.
  • What is the complexity class and what are the definitions of P, NP, NP-Hard, and NP-Complete?
  • How is selection sort analyzed?
  • How is insertion sort analyzed?
  • What is the substitution method in recurrence analysis?
  • What is the recursion tree method in recurrence analysis?
  • What is the Master method in recurrence analysis?
  • What is the Divide and Conquer approach?
  • How is Merge sort analyzed?
  • How is Quick sort analyzed?
  • How is the finding minimum and maximum algorithms analyzed?
  • How is Binary search analyzed?
  • What is the Greedy method approach?
  • What is the general method used in the Greedy approach?
  • What is Dijkstra's algorithm?
  • What is the Single source shortest path problem?
  • How is the Fractional Knapsack problem solved using the Greedy approach?
  • What is the Job sequencing problem with deadlines?
  • How are Minimum cost spanning trees analyzed using the Greedy approach?
  • What are Kruskal and Prim's algorithms?
  • What is the Dynamic Programming approach?
  • What is the general method used in the Dynamic Programming approach?
  • What are multistage graphs?
  • What is the Bellman Ford algorithm?
  • What is the All pair shortest path problem?
  • What is the Floyd Warshall algorithm?
  • What is the Assembly-line scheduling problem?
  • What is the 0/1 Knapsack problem?
  • What is the Travelling Salesperson problem?
  • What is the Longest common subsequence problem?
  • What is the Backtracking method?
  • What is the N-queen problem?
  • What is the Sum of subsets problem?
  • What is the Graph coloring problem?
  • What is the Branch and Bound method?
  • What is the 15 Puzzle problem?
  • What are String Matching algorithms?
  • What is the Na├»ve string-matching algorithm?
  • What is the Rabin Karp algorithm?
  • What is the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm?

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