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B.E. Artificial Intelligence & Data Science syllabus Mumbai University

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B.E. Artificial Intelligence & Data Science syllabus Mumbai University

The syllabus for the first year of B.E. Artificial Intelligence & Data Science syllabus Mumbai University is the same for all branches. The second-year syllabus for the AI_DS branch is the same as the Computer branch. However, the third-year syllabus differs.

First Year Engineering


  • FEC101 Engineering Mathematics-I
  • FEC102 Engineering Physics-I
  • FEC103 Engineering Chemistry-I
  • FEC104 Engineering Mechanics
  • FEC105 Basic Electrical Engineering
  • FEL101 Engineering Physics-I
  • FEL102 Engineering Chemistry-I
  • FEL103 Engineering Mechanics
  • FEL104 Basic Electrical Engineering
  • FEL105 Basic Workshop practice-I

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  • FEC201 Engineering Mathematics-II
  • FEC202 Engineering Physics-II
  • FEC203 Engineering Chemistry-II
  • FEC204 Engineering Graphics
  • FEC205 C programming
  • FEC206 Professional Communication and Ethics- I
  • FEL201 Engineering Physics-II
  • FEL202 Engineering Chemistry-II
  • FEL203 Engineering Graphics
  • FEL204 C programming
  • FEL205 Professional Communication and Ethics- I
  • FEL206 Basic Workshop practice-II

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Second Year Engineering


  • CSC301-Engineering Mathematics III
  • CSC302-Discrete Structures and Graph Theory
  • CSC303-Data Structure
  • CSC304-Digital Logic & Computer Architecture
  • CSC305-Computer Graphics
  • CSL301-Data Structure Lab
  • CSL302- Digital Logic & Computer Architecture Lab
  • CSL303- Computer Graphics Lab
  • CSL304- Skill base Lab course: Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • CSM301- Mini Project – 1 A

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  • CSC401- Engineering Mathematics IV
  • CSC402- Analysis of Algorithm
  • CSC403- Database Management System
  • CSC404- Operating System
  • CSC405- Microprocessor
  • CSL401- Analysis of Algorithm Lab
  • CSL402- Database Management System Lab
  • CSL403- Operating System Lab
  • CCSL404- Microprocessor Lab
  • CSL405- Skill Base Lab Course: Python Programming
  • CSM401- Mini Project 1-B

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Third Year Engineering


  • CSC501-Computer Network
  • CSC502- Web Computing
  • CSC503- Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC504- Data Warehousing & Mining
  • CSDLO5011- Statistics for Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • CSL501- Web Computing and Network Lab
  • CSL502- Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • CSL503- Data Warehousing & Mining Lab
  • CSL504- Business Communication and Ethics-II
  • CSM501- Mini Project: 2 A

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  • CSC601- Data Analytics and Visualization
  • CSC602- Cryptography and System Security
  • CSC603- Software Engineering and Project Management
  • CSC604- Machine Learning
  • CSDLO6011- High Performance Computing
  • CSL601- Data Analytics and Visualization Lab
  • CSL602- Cryptography & System Security Lab
  • CSL603- Software Engineering and Project Management Lab
  • CSL604- Machine Learning Lab
  • CSL605- Skill base Lab Course: Cloud Computing
  • CSM601- Mini Project: 2 B

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