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Important Questions in DBMS for Second Year Engineering Students

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Important Questions in DBMS for Second Year Engineering Students , As a second-year engineering student studying computer science, you will likely encounter the subject of database management systems (DBMS). This field deals with the storage, organization, and retrieval of data in an efficient and reliable manner. To help you better score better in this topic, here are some of the most important questions you should prepare .


  1. Discuss Referential Integrity Constraints (2 times)
  2. Explain Total Participation and Partial Participation with examples (5 times)
  3. Explain the following Relational Algebra Operations with examples {choose any 4} (all-time favorite of paper setters):
    • Set Intersection
    • Div Operator / Rename
    • Generalized Projection
    • Natural Join
    • Project
    • Union
    • Select
    • Cartesian Product
  4. Draw an ER diagram and convert it into a Relational Model (7 times):
    • Hospital Management (3 times)
    • Banking Enterprise (1 time)
    • Company (2 times)
    • Library Management System (1 time)
  5. What is Normalization? Explain 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF with examples (all-time favorite of paper setters)
  6. What is an Attribute? Discuss various types of attributes with examples (5 times)
  7. Discuss Conflict and View Serializability with examples (3 times)
  8. Describe the Architecture of DBMS (all-time favorite of paper setters)
  9. Explain the following terms with suitable examples (4 times):
    • Primary Key
    • Candidate Key
    • Super Key
    • Foreign Key
  10. What is a Transaction? Discuss ACID properties (all-time favorite of paper setters)
  11. Write SQL queries for the given database (all-time favorite of paper setters)
  12. Short Note on:
    • Generalization and Aggregation (5 times)
    • Shadow Page Recovery (5 times)
    • Div Operator (5 times)
  13. List 4 significant differences between File Processing System and DBMS (5 times)
  14. Explain types of Integrity Constraints (4 times)
  15. What is a Deadlock? How is it detected? Discuss different types of Deadlock Prevention schemes (4 times)
  16. Short Note on Aggregate Function in SQL (5 times)
  17. Short Note on Data Independence (3 times)
  18. Explain Security and Authorization in DBMS (4 times)
  19. Explain Triggers with examples

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