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Differentiate between React JS, Node JS and Express JS

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  React.js Node.js Express.js
Definition A JavaScript library A runtime environment A web application framework
Type Library Runtime environment Framework
Usage Front-end development Server-side development Server-side development and API creation
Purpose Building user interfaces Running JavaScript on the server Building web applications and APIs
Language JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript
Component-Based Yes No No
Server-Side Rendering No Yes Yes (with additional setup)
Common Use Cases Building web applications with dynamic UIs Building scalable server-side applications Creating RESTful APIs and handling HTTP requests
Dependencies Typically used with Node.js for server communication Used to run JavaScript code on the server A framework built on top of Node.js, used for building web applications and APIs
Routing React Router is commonly used for client-side routing Express.js provides server-side routing capabilities Express.js is used for server-side routing
Package Manager npm or yarn npm npm

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