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Other than thermal power plant, which power plants use thermal energy for power generation? In what different ways is the thermal energy obtained?

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Nuclear power plants and solar power plants, used thermal energy for power generation other than thermal power plants. Different ways of generating thermal energy are:

  • Using fossil fuels: By burning fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, the chemical energy stored in them is converted into thermal energy.
  • Combustion of natural gas: Chemical energy in natural gas is converted into thermal energy. Upon combustion natural gas produces gas, which is used to run the turbine. This gas is under high pressure and high temperature.
  • Nuclear fuels: In nuclear power plant the energy is released by fission of nuclei atoms. Controlled chain reaction in nuclear power plants releases huge amount of thermal energy. This energy is used to generate steam of high temperature and pressure. The turbine runs  on this steam energy and turbine drives the generator.
  • Solar Power: In solar Power plant thermal energy is generated with the helpof solar radiations. Solar radiations concentrated, reflected and absorbed in aborbers where it gets converted to thermal energy.

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