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Explain the difference between the different generations of computer. How did science contribute to this development?

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The old generations of computer are big in hardware due to which we can use it only at one place. During the development of generations of computer some computers are developed which are easy to handle. Now we can use them by using our hands directly due to the development in hardware and also the software development.

We are using now the fifth generation of computer. Following are the computer generations and their development.

In 1946-1959 fist computer is established which is based on the vacuum tube technology.

These are UNIVAC and ENIAC.

In 1959-1965 second generation of computer was developed which is based on the transistors and not used mostly.

In 1965-1971 the third generation of computer was developed which is also based on ICs and not used mostly.

In 1971-1980 the fourth generation of computer was developed which is based on the microprocessor which includes microcomputers.

In 1980 to till we are using the fifth generation of computer which is under process and based in robot and artificial intelligence.

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