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Who are Angel Investors? State any four features of Angel Investors

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Angel investors are individuals or groups of individuals who provide financial backing to startup companies or entrepreneurs in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. They typically invest in early-stage companies that have high growth potential and a unique business idea or concept.

Here are four features of angel investors:

  1. High net worth individuals: Angel investors are usually high net worth individuals who have a significant amount of capital to invest in startups.

  2. Equity financing: They provide equity financing to early-stage companies in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.

  3. Expertise: Angel investors often have significant experience and expertise in the industry in which they invest. They may provide guidance and mentorship to the startup companies they fund.

  4. Risk-takers: Angel investors are willing to take on high levels of risk in exchange for potential high returns. They understand that many startups fail, but they are willing to take the risk in the hopes of finding a successful investment opportunity.

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