Web X.0 Important Questions

Web X.0 Important Questions

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Module 1 – Introduction to Web X.0

  1. Explain the characteristics of the Semantic Web. Enlist and explain their components of the Semantic Web.
  2. Define Web Analytics 1.0 and 2.0. List out its applications.
  3. Enlist the strategy to choose your Web Analytics tool.
  4. Write a short note on Semantic Web Stack.
  5. Explain factors for measuring the success of a website.
  6. Discuss the terms: Ontology, RDF and SPARQL with its features.
  7. Explain variants of clickstream analytics.
  8. Explain Offsite and Onsite web analytics.

Module 2 – TypeScript

  1. Define TypeScript types, variables, and operators and explain them using examples.
  2. Define and explain – Turtle and Triples.
  3. Sketch and explain the internal architecture of TypeScript.
  4. Difference between SPARQL and SQL.
  5. Explain the different types of TypeScript functions.
  6. Explain Inheritance and Parametrized Functions in TypeScript.
  7. Define TypeScript Classes, Objects, and Modules and explain them using examples.
  8. Difference between JavaScript and TypeScript.

Module 3 – Introduction to AngularJS

  1. Explain the Need of AngularJS in real web sites.
  2. Explain in brief AngularJS built-in directives and custom directives.
  3. Write a short note on AngularJS Dependency Injection.
  4. Write a short note on AngularJS expressions, filters, and services.
  5. Explain Routing with ng-Route, ng-Repeat, ng-style, ng-view with example.
  6. Explain AngularJS Data Binding.

Module 4 – Mongo, Building REST API using MongoDB

  1. Explain MongoDB Data Types with an example.
  2. Explain Sharding with a diagram. Discuss RDBMS v/s MongoDB.
  3. Discuss Administering User Accounts and User Roles.
  4. Discuss Configuring Access Control with an example.
  5. Explain Accessing and Manipulating Databases commands.
  6. Explain working of MongoDB and REST API in detail.
  7. Enlist different types of HTTP requests supported by REST API.
  8. Explain MongoDB CRUD Operations with an example.
  9. Explain features, advantages, and applications of MongoDB.

Module 5 – Flask

  1. Discuss URL Building and HTTP Methods in Flask.
  2. How to set, access and delete cookies in Python Flask?
  3. Explain File Uploading in Flask. State advantages of Python Flask.
  4. Differentiate between Flask and Django frameworks.

Module 6 – Rich Internet Application

  1. Define RIA and explain characteristics of RIA.
  2. Explain the Working of AJAX. Also, state its features.
  3. Discuss XML HTTP Request, its methods & properties.
  4. Explain features of Drupal along with the architecture.
  5. Explain Asynchronous and synchronous working model.


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