Wireless Technology (WT) Important Questions

Wireless Technology (WT) Important Questions

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Module 1 – Fundamentals of Wireless Communication (Weightage: 15 – 20 marks)

  1. Explain in detail the working of Forward Link and Backward Link CDMA System with a neat diagram.
  2. What is Spread Spectrum? Explain FHSS & DSSS in detail with diagrams.
  3. Explain the Multiple Access Techniques – FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, OFDMA with diagrams.
  4. Describe the evolution of 1G to 5G and Compare it.
  5. State the advantages, disadvantages, and applications of Wireless Communication.

Module 2 – Wide Area Wireless Networks (Weightage: 20 – 25 marks)

  1. Explain the GPRS Architecture in detail with a neat diagram.
  2. Explain in brief the UMTS Architecture and GSM Architecture.
  3. What is Frequency Reuse Concept? Explain it with examples and diagrams.
  4. Explain the Fixed Channel and Dynamic Channel Assignment.
  5. Explain the Hard and Soft handoff and compare it with examples.
  6. Explain the Micro zone cell concept and Cell sectoring.
  7. Explain the LTE / 4G network Architecture with its specifications.
  8. Compare GSM, GPRS, UMTS, and LTE with suitable examples.
  9. Write a short note on CDMA 2000. What is LoRA and LoRaWAN?
  10. What do you mean by massive MIMO?

Module 3 – Wireless Metropolitan and Local Area Networks (Weightage: 15 – 20 marks)

  1. Explain the Protocol Architecture of IEEE 802.11.
  2. Explain the MAC and PHY layers of IEEE 802.11.
  3. Explain the features and architecture of WiMax.
  4. Explain WLL (Wireless Local Loop).

Module 4 – Wireless Personal Area Networks and Adhoc Networks (Weightage: 20 – 25 marks)

  1. Interpret the architecture of MANET with its applications.
  2. Summarize Zigbee Protocol stack with a neat diagram.
  3. Interpret Wireless Sensor Network Architecture. State its significance.
  4. Interpret the architecture of Bluetooth with a neat diagram.
  5. Compare MANET and VANET and E-VANET with its architecture.
  6. Differentiate Infrastructure-based network and Adhoc network.
  7. Explain Piconet and Scatternet with respect to Bluetooth.

Module 5 – Wireless Network Security (Weightage: 5 – 10 marks)

  1. Illustrate the steps involved in UMTS Security Process.
  2. Illustrate WEP protocol in detail with a diagram. State its significance.
  3. Discuss the Threats and Challenges in wireless communication.
  4. Draw the Bluetooth Security Architecture. Illustrate how Bluetooth is providing authentication & encryption with different security levels in each layer.
  5. Illustrate the security in WPA2. Also, state its features.

Module 6 – Wireless Network Design Considerations (Weightage: 5 – 10 marks)

  1. Draw and explain Cisco UWN lightweight AP and WLC Operation.
  2. Draw and Illustrate Cisco Unified Wireless Network Architecture.
  3. Describe the features of Cisco Unified Wireless Network.
  4. Outline the method that supports mobility in CISCO Unified Wireless Network.

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