How to Create an Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure

How to Create an Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure , You can watch this video or continue on this post

step 01 : visit

step 02 : click on virtual machines

select on create azure virtual machine

after clicking on create virtual machine , let us confugure it as per our needs

select resource grp it help us to delete or uninstall all services inside that resourse grp 

select region

select image of the operating system you need

selecting any other option then no infrastructure reducdancy , may increase your cost’s like it will create 2-4 machines based on zones selected by you

select plan according to your need

select authentication type

inbount port rules , you can modify this anytime after creation of vm too

networking , create ip address for your server

now click on review+create , done you have created your first virtual machine on microsoft azure vm machine

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