How to Exit Vim ?

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in Vim, unsure of how to exit, you’re not alone. Vim’s unique interface can be confusing at first, but fear not! Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to exit Vim with various options:

1. Saving and Quitting

If you’ve made changes to the file and want to save them before exiting:


2. Force Quit without Saving

If you made changes but you don’t want to save them:


3. Quit without Saving

If you haven’t made any changes and just want to quit:


4. Save Changes without Quitting

To save your changes but won’t quit Vim:


5. Save and Quit with a Different File Name

To save the file with a different name and quit Vim:

:w filename

6. Quit with Unsaved Changes

If you have unsaved changes and want to quit without saving:


7. Exit Insert Mode and Quit

If you’re currently in insert mode, exit it and follow any of the methods above to quit Vim:

Press Esc to exit insert mode.


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