How to study for Engineering Mechanics R-19

Hey my self Ajink and in this article I am going to share my journey, how I studied for engineering mechanics and how you can too, basically this article is for the reference of first year students of Mumbai University i.e. Semester 1 !

How to study for Engineering Mechanics

Engineering mechanics is one of the subjects that needs a better approach and practice to be good at it. With a proper approach, you can understand what you should do with the problem. Otherwise, students are more likely to procrastinate without actually solving the problem. To solve a problem, you need to have sufficient knowledge about the concepts of that problem. If you don’t, you have to learn the concepts before getting into this. Note Down the Given Data

Go through the problem carefully and understand what is the desired solution. Take a piece of paper, or your digital notebook and note it down. And then go back to the question again and start grabbing all the given data, and note them down. You can write those using sketches, words, or numbers. Note Down the Given Assumptions and Approximations

Read the question again and note down all the assumptions and approximations in it. Sometimes, people stuck at problems, just because they aren’t aware of all the given instructions.Find the RelationsLook at all the collected information and try to determine the required concepts needed to solve the problem. If the question is a complex one, you may not get the exact concepts, but still, you can get a basic idea about the problem.

Even we identify the exact concepts we need in a later concert, it’s still important to try finding the relations and get a rough understand of the problem. Because it is so much helpful to draw the diagrams.Draw Diagrams If the diagram of the problem seems easily predictable, draw the diagram and add the required numbers and coordinates. If it seems difficult to predict the diagram at once, you can try drawing sketches until you draw the sketch you want. Then you can use that sketch to draw the diagram.

Identify the Required Concepts for Solving The Problem . Now, go back and check the question, collected information, the desired solution, and the diagram. Understand what are the concepts you need to use to get the solution and note them down.

Try to Identify the Steps You Need to Follow

Then try to identify the steps you need to follow. If you’re not sure about the steps you need to take, it’s good to get a rough idea about given numbers and measurements and try to solve the same problem with simplified or algebraic measurements.

If you have come to this extent, you have completed 60% of the work.

Solve It

Then solve it step by step and do the calculations. And remember to use correct units and unit conversions. In my experience, if I feel I’m doing something wrong, I go back to the above steps and recheck.

Let’s Get started !! 

  1. Syllabus ??
  2. Notes 
  3. Previous Year Question Papers 
  4. Concept 
  5. Compile and start studying

Syllabus : Engineering Mechanics

It is the most important step to know what is your syllabus and study accordinglly , the syllabus for MU FE SEM-1 EM is in below image


In reference books there are many extra concepts which is not important as exam point of View ! so if you want to score more than study topic wise and try to cover all topics for better results

Chapter Wise weightage for this subject is as follow

 5 10
 6 23

Notes :  Here notes means the Textbooks and references , well you can purchase any good book suggested by your teacher and you can get soft versions on various drive links and telegram !

Previous Year Question Papers  :: This is one of the major step to follow without PYQ’s You will never understand which type of problems are being asked in exam , go through PYQ’s You can get it on muquestionpapers website and on this website too 

Concept  : You can solve any sum with certain formulas but if your concepts are not clear how will you get that which formula is to be used , therefore Concept clearing is most important part for Mechanics .

The solution for above problem is just make a search on  youtube which concept you want to learn and you will get various results watch any video as per your preference (mine was tickles academy) .

if you are not getting video for exact topic just ask a  new question using tag Engineering Mechanics , Video  or just click this link Ask 

Compile and start studying :: Now you are aware of methods to study this subject , let us know your views on this blog and please Upvote this Question if you really think this was helpful and there is a small checklist for studying this subject 

1- Always start with the basics.
2- you crack 40% of the problem once you understand the question. So work on that.
3- try one question at a time and work your way up.
4- Will consume a lot of your time, but believe me there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
5- write down the important formulas on a sheet of paper, preferably chapter wise.
6- Finally, revise and try questions without referring to solutions.

All the best for your exams

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