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Compare informed and uninformed search.

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Parameters Informed Search Uninformed Search
Known as It is also known as Heuristic Search.  It is also known as Blind Search.
Using Knowledge It uses knowledge for the searching process.  It doesn’t use knowledge for the searching process.
Performance It finds a solution more quickly. It finds solution slow as compared to an informed search.
Completion It may or may not be complete. It is always complete.
Cost Factor Cost is low. Cost is high.
Time It consumes less time because of quick searching. It consumes moderate time because of slow searching.
Direction There is a direction given about the solution. No suggestion is given regarding the solution in it.
Implementation It is less lengthy while implemented. It is more lengthy while implemented.
Efficiency It is more efficient as efficiency takes into account cost and performance. The incurred cost is less and speed of finding solutions is quick. It is comparatively less efficient as incurred cost is more and the speed of finding the Breadth-Firstsolution is slow.
Computational requirements Computational requirements are lessened. Comparatively higher computational requirements.
Size of search problems Having a wide scope in terms of handling large search problems. Solving a massive search task is challenging.
Examples of Algorithms
  • Greedy Search
  • A* Search
  • AO* Search
  • Hill Climbing Algorithm
  • Depth First Search (DFS)
  • Breadth First Search (BFS)
  • Branch and Bound

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