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What is Subnetting? What is the use of Subnetting? Advantages of Subnetting

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What is Subnetting?
Subnetting is a method of dividing a single physical network into logical sub-networks (subnets). Subnetting
allows a business to expand its network without requiring a new network number from its Internet service
provider. Subnetting helps to reduce the network traffic and also conceals network complexity. Subnetting is
necessary when a single network number must be assigned to several portions of a local area network (LAN).
The purpose of subnetting is to establish a computer network that is quick, efficient, and robust. As networks
grow in size and complexity, traffic must find more efficient pathways.


What is the use of Subnetting?
 Reallocating IP Addresses:- A limited number of host allocations are available for each class; for example,
networks with more than 254 devices require a Class B allocation. Suppose a network administrator works
with a Class B or C network and needs to allocate 150 hosts across three physical networks in three
different cities. In that case, they must either request more address blocks for each network or divide the
network into subnets that allow administrators to use one block of addresses across multiple physical
 Improves Network Speed:- Subnetting divides the large network into small subnets, and the purpose of
these subnets is to divide a huge network into a collection of smaller, interconnected networks to reduce
 Improving Network Security:- Subnetting helps network administrators to reduce network-wide threats by
quarantining compromised areas of the network and making it more complex for trespassers to travel
throughout an organization's network.
 Reliving Network Congestion:- If a large portion of an organization's traffic is intended to be shared
regularly across a group of computers, putting them all on the same subnet can help reduce network traffic.
 Efficiency:- Subnetting is used to simplify network traffic by eliminating the need for additional routers.
This ensures that the data being sent can move as quickly as possible to its destination, avoiding any
potential detours that can slow it down.


Advantages of Subnetting
Subnetting divides broadcast domains, allowing data to be routed more efficiently, boosting network performance and speed.
We can subnet a single large network into smaller networks via subnetting. It is simple to handle small networks.
Subnetting enhances the network's overall performance by removing redundant traffic.

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