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scrum vs kanban model vs waterfal vs spiral

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Aspect Scrum Kanban Waterfall Spiral
Development Approach Agile Agile Sequential Iterative
Process Flow Iterative Continuous Sequential Iterative
Flexibility High High Low Moderate
Requirements Management Dynamic, evolving Dynamic Fixed Dynamic, evolving
Change Management Embraces change Flexible Rigid Flexible, but formalized
Planning Time-boxed iterations (sprints) Continuous flow, no iterations Predefined phases Iterative cycles
Team Roles Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development No specific roles, self-organizing team Limited roles, hierarchical structure Flexible roles, based on project needs
Feedback Regular feedback loops Continuous feedback Limited feedback until later stages Ongoing feedback throughout the process
Risk Management Identifies and addresses risks iteratively Addresses risks as they arise Minimal risk management Emphasizes risk analysis and mitigation
Documentation Minimal, emphasis on working software Minimal Extensive documentation at each phase Detailed documentation at each iteration

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