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Distinguish between Electrolytic cell and Voltaic Cell

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Characteristic Electrolytic Cell Voltaic Cell
Purpose To drive a non-spontaneous chemical reaction by using an external electrical energy source. To generate electrical energy from a spontaneous chemical reaction.
Energy Conversion Electrical energy is converted into chemical energy. Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.
Electrodes Requires two electrodes, typically made of inert materials (e.g., platinum, graphite). Requires two electrodes, one made of a metal or other reactive substance, and the other typically made of an inert material (e.g., platinum).
Electrolyte Typically uses an electrolyte solution (e.g., a salt solution or an acid). Usually uses an electrolyte solution (e.g., salt bridge or an ionic solution), but not always (e.g., some dry cells).
Redox Reaction Involves a non-spontaneous redox reaction, and electrons are forced to move from the anode to the cathode. Involves a spontaneous redox reaction, and electrons flow naturally from the anode to the cathode.
Electrical Output Produces electrical energy as a result of the input electrical energy. Generates electrical energy as a result of the spontaneous chemical reaction.
Anode/Cathode The anode is positive, and the cathode is negative. The anode is negative, and the cathode is positive.
Chemical Changes Electrolysis leads to chemical changes in the substances within the electrolyte. Chemical changes occur in the anode and cathode materials during the redox reaction.
Examples Electroplating, water electrolysis, and electrorefining. Batteries, fuel cells, and galvanic cells (e.g., Daniell cell).

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