Learn HTML

Learn HTML


Document Structure:

  • <html>: Defines the root of an HTML document.
  • <head>: Contains meta-information about the document.
  • <title>: Sets the title of the document displayed in the browser.
  • <meta>: Provides metadata about the document.
  • <link>: Specifies relationships between the current document and external resources.
  • <style>: Defines inline CSS styles.
  • <script>: Embeds or references external scripts.
  • <noscript>: Provides alternative content for users with disabled scripts.
  • <base>: Specifies a base URL for relative URLs in the document.

Code Editor

Code Editor H1-H6

Text Content:

  • <p>: Defines a paragraph.
  • <h1> to <h6>: Define headings of different levels.
  • <strong>: Represents strong importance (bold).
  • <em>: Represents emphasized text (italic).
  • <u>: Underlines text.
  • <s>: Renders text with a strikethrough.
  • <blockquote>: Defines a section that is a longer quote from another source.
  • <q>: Defines a short inline quotation.
  • <abbr>: Defines an abbreviation or acronym.
  • <code>: Represents computer code.
  • <pre>: Defines preformatted text, preserving both spaces and line breaks.
  • <a>: Creates a hyperlink.
  • <ul>: Defines an unordered list.
  • <ol>: Defines an ordered list.
  • <li>: Defines a list item.
  • <dl>: Defines a description list.
  • <dt>: Defines a term/name in a description list.
  • <dd>: Defines the description of a term in a description list.

Code Editor: using all above tags


  • <img>: Embeds an image.
  • <audio>: Embeds audio content.
  • <video>: Embeds video content.
  • <iframe>: Embeds an external webpage within the current page.

Code Editor : using all above tags

Forms and Input:

  • <form>: Creates an HTML form.
  • <input>: Creates an input field.
  • <textarea>: Creates a multiline text input.
  • <button>: Creates a clickable button.
  • <select>: Creates a dropdown list.
  • <option>: Defines an option in a <select> element.
  • <label>: Defines a label for an input element.
  • <fieldset>: Groups related elements in a form.
  • <legend>: Defines a caption for a <fieldset> element.
  • <radio>: Creates a radio button.
  • <checkbox>: Creates a checkbox.
  • <submit>: Creates a submit button.

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Line Break and Horizontal Rule:

  • <br>: Inserts a line break, primarily used within text content.
  • <hr>: Represents a thematic break or horizontal rule in the content.

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Semantic Elements:

  • <header>: Represents a container for introductory content.
  • <nav>: Defines navigation links.
  • <main>: Contains the main content of the document.
  • <article>: Represents a self-contained composition.
  • <section>: Defines a section in a document.
  • <aside>: Represents content aside from the main content.
  • <footer>: Represents the footer of a document or a section.
  • <figure>: Contains media content and its caption.
  • <figcaption>: Represents the caption for a <figure> element.
  • <mark>: Highlights text.

Code Editor : using all above tags

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