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A and B each have certain number of oranges. A says to B, “ if you give me 10 of your oranges, i will have twice the number of oranges left with you.” B replies, “ if you give me 10 of your oranges, i will have the same number of oranges as left with you.” Fin dteh number of oranges with A and B separately.
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Suppose A has x no. of oranges and B has y no. of oranges.

According to the given conditions, we have

x+10=2(y−10)⇒x−2y+30=0 (i)
and, y+10=x−10⇒x−y−20=0 ..(ii)

Substracting equation (ii) from equation (i), we get


Putting y=50 in equation (i), we get x=70

Hence, A has 70 oranges and B has 50 oranges.

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