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If the cost of bananas is increased by Rs. 10 per dozen, one can get 3 dozen less for Rs.600. Find the original cost of one dozen of bananas

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Let x be the original cost of 1 dozen bananas , for Rs. 600 we  gets y dozens.  

xy =600 .................... {1}

\(y={600\over x}\) 

By increasing the cost of 1 dozen of bananas by Rs. 10 we get 3 dozen less bananas

(x +10)(y - 3)=600  ..........................{2}

Substituting the y value in (2), we get 

\((x+10)({600\over x}-3)=600\) 

\((x+10)({(600-3x)\over x})=600\)





x=-50 or 40

Since cost of bananas cannot be negative, x = 40. So, the original cost of one dozen of bananas is Rs.40

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