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What is the difference between mass and weight of an object.Will the mass and weight of an object on the earth be same as their values on Mars? Why?

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Mass is a fundamental property of an object that represents the amount of matter it contains. It is an intrinsic property and remains constant regardless of the location of the object in the universe. In other words, the mass of an object does not change whether it is on Earth, Mars, or any other celestial body.

On the other hand, weight is the force exerted on an object due to the gravitational attraction between the object and the planet or celestial body it is on. Weight is dependent on both the mass of the object and the strength of the gravitational field acting upon it. The formula to calculate weight is W = Mg, where W represents weight, M represents mass, and g represents the acceleration due to gravity.

Since the strength of the gravitational field varies from planet to planet, the weight of an object will differ depending on the specific celestial body it is located on. For example, the weight of an object on Mars will be different from its weight on Earth due to the difference in the strength of gravity on the two planets. However, the mass of the object will remain the same.
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Mass is the amount of matter present in an organism while weight of an object is mass along with gravitational force I. e. W=Mg.

 Mass of an object will be same at any point of the universe but its weight depends on the amount of gravity present on that planet thus mass of object on Mars will be same but weight will be different.

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