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Difference between forward and backward chaining

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Forward Chaining Backward Chaining
1. When based on available data a decision is taken then the process is called as Forward chaining. Backward chaining starts from the goal and works backward to determine what facts must be asserted so that the goal can be achieved.
2. Forward chaining is known as data-driven technique because we reaches to the goal using the available data. Backward chaining is known as goal-driven technique because we start from the goal and reaches the initial state in order to extract the facts.
3. It is a bottom-up approach. It is a top-down approach.
4. It applies the Breadth-First Strategy. It applies the Depth-First Strategy.
5. Its goal is to get the conclusion. Its goal is to get the possible facts or the required data.
6. Slow as it has to use all the rules. Fast as it has to use only a few rules.
7. It operates in forward direction i.e it works from initial state to final decision. It operates in backward direction i.e it works from goal to reach initial state.
8. Forward chaining is used for the planning, monitoring, control, and interpretation application. It is used in automated inference engines, theorem proofs, proof assistants and other artificial intelligence applications.

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