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What is PEAS descriptor? Give PEAS descriptor for robot maid for cleaning the house.

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PEAS stands for Performance measure, Environment, Actuators, and Sensors. It is a framework used in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to describe and analyze intelligent agent systems. Each letter in PEAS corresponds to a different aspect of the system:

  1. Performance Measure: This defines how the success of the system will be measured. It specifies the criteria or metrics that determine the effectiveness of the intelligent agent in achieving its goals.

  2. Environment: This describes the external context or surroundings in which the intelligent agent operates. The environment includes everything that is not part of the agent but can be affected by the agent's actions.

  3. Actuators: Actuators are the components of the agent that carry out the actions or execute the strategies decided upon by the agent. These actions are intended to affect the environment in some way.

  4. Sensors: Sensors are the components that allow the agent to perceive or receive information from the environment. They provide the agent with the necessary input to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.


PEAS descriptor for robot maid for cleaning the house.


Component Description
Performance Measure Efficiency in cleaning, time taken to complete tasks, cleanliness achieved, ability to adapt to different types of surfaces, and user satisfaction with the cleaning results.
Environment Indoor household environment, which includes various rooms, furniture, floors, carpets, and potentially obstacles or objects that the robot may encounter during cleaning tasks.
Actuators Cleaning tools such as brushes, vacuuming mechanism, mopping mechanism, and mobility systems for navigation around the house.
Sensors Cameras, infrared sensors, and pressure sensors for navigation, object detection, and avoidance. Dirt sensors to detect dirty areas.

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