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Draw and explain architecture of Expert System
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Expert Systems, Components of Expert System: Knowledge base, Inference
engine, user interface, working memory, Development of Expert Systems

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An expert system is a computer program that is designed to solve complex problems and to provide decision-making ability like a human expert. It performs this by extracting knowledge from its knowledge base using the reasoning and inference rules according to the user queries.

C. Draw and explain architecture of Expert System.


  1. User Interface (UI):
    • This is the front end of the expert system that interacts with the user.
    • It provides a way for users to input information and receive output from the system.
    • The UI can take various forms, such as a graphical user interface (GUI) or a command-line interface (CLI), depending on the application.
  2. Knowledge Base (KB):
    • The knowledge base is a central component of the expert system that stores information about the domain.
    • It includes two main components: facts and rules.
      • Facts: These are pieces of information about the specific case or domain. Facts are typically represented in the form of statements.
      • Rules: These are logical statements that define relationships between various facts. Rules are used by the inference engine to make decisions.
  3. Inference Engine:
    • The inference engine is responsible for drawing conclusions based on the information stored in the knowledge base.
    • It uses various reasoning strategies, such as forward chaining (data-driven) or backward chaining (goal-driven), to infer new facts or make decisions.
    • The inference engine interprets the rules and applies them to the given set of facts to derive new conclusions.
  4. Working Memory:
    • Working memory is a temporary storage area where the current set of facts and conclusions are kept during the inference process.
    • It is used by the inference engine to manipulate and update information as it processes the rules.

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