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Web computing important Questions? (Aids/Aiml)
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Module 1
1. HTTP and HTTPS Working
2. DNS Working with Diagram and Steps
3. Document Object Model (DOM) Explained with Diagram
5. URL and URI
6. XML Program


Module 2
1. ES5 vs. ES6 Comparison
2. Anonymous and Arrow Function Examples in ES6
3. JavaScript Code for Username, Password, and Email Validation
4. JavaScript Code for Displaying a Digital Clock on a Web Page
5. JavaScript Code for Changing Web Page Background Color
6. JavaScript Code for Setting a Cookie on the User's Computer
7. JavaScript Code for Accepting Two Numbers and Displaying Their Sum


Module 3
1. React.js Features and Advantages
2. React JSX
3. React Components (Function and Class) and Their Advantages
4. React State and Props
5. React Component Lifecycle with Diagram
6. Single Page Application (SPA)
7. Router in React
8. Event Handling in React
9. React Code for "Greet the User" Button and Alert Box


Module 4
1. Node.js Overview, Features, Advantages, and Architecture
2. Types of Node.js Modules and Core Functionality Modules
3. Asynchronous Model of Node.js with Code
4. Event Loop in Node.js and Its Working
5. Web Server Concepts and Three-Tier Web Architecture
6. Creating a Simple Server to Display a "Welcome" Message
7. Code for Creating a Simple Text File with User-Provided Data


Module 5
1. Express.js Overview, Features, and Advantages
2. Routing in Express.js
4. Components of an Express Server File


Module 6
1. React Hooks: Explanation, Usage Rules, and Examples
2. Flux Architecture
3. MVC Architecture with Diagram and Advantages
4. React Hooks Code for Color Selection
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