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Artificial intelligence sem 5 all important questions?
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If anyone reading have imp questions , you can submit here as a answer or in the common group of AI-DS

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1) Explain applications of AI

2) Draw and explain architecture of Expert System (**)

3) What is PEAS descriptor? Give PEAS descriptor for ___________

4)  Define chromosome, selection, fitness function, cross over and mutation as used in Genetic Algorithm. Explain how Genetic Algorithm in works (***)

5) predicate logic

6)  forward chaining and backward chaining

7)  total order planning and partial order planning in detail with example

8) Types of Agents and Environments

9) Numericals DFS , BFS , A* , Conditional Probability

10) Bayes Rule & Bayesian belief Network

11) partial order and total Order

12)  hIll Climbing

13) Learning in AI
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Thanks man!! Appreciated

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