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Discuss different applications of AI

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Here are 10 major applications of artificial intelligence:

1. Virtual Assistants - Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant etc. that understand voices and languages to answer questions and perform tasks.

2. Recommendation Systems - Netflix, Amazon etc. use AI to study customer behavior and recommend products and content.

3. Computer Vision - Facial recognition, image classification, object detection for surveillance, self-driving cars, photo organizing.

4. Natural Language Processing - Chatbots, sentiment analysis, text summarization, language translation, conversational AI.  

5. Predictive Analytics - Detect patterns in data to make predictions about future events and outcomes in areas like predictive maintenance, healthcare, etc.

6. Autonomous Vehicles - AI allows self-driving cars to perceive environment, detect objects, signs, pedestrians and navigate without human intervention.

7. Robotics - AI makes industrial and service robots smarter, more perceptive, versatile and collaborative to improve business efficiency.

8. Fraud Prevention - Real-time fraud detection in credit cards, healthcare, insurance by analyzing data patterns and user behavior.  

9. Medical Diagnosis - AI assists doctors in diagnosing diseases, treatment planning through synthesis of patient records and medical data.

10. Personalization - AI analyzes customer history and behavior to provide tailored recommendations and personalization across shopping, content platforms, marketing campaigns etc.

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