Important Questions For Engineering Physics 1

This IMP Questions List is based on the Previous Year Question paper analysis of mumbai university

  • Draw the following planes in a cubic unit cell (**)
  • Newton’s ring Problem
  • Define a) Superconductivity b) wave packet c) Matter waves d) Group Velocity e) Phase velocity
  • Hall Effect
  • Fermi level diagrams
  • Derive the conditions for the maxima and minima due to interference of light in a wedge shaped film
  • What are type- I and type-II superconductors
  • Derive Bragg’s equation
  • Explain De-broglie Hypothesis
  • Schrodinger Equation
  • Heisenberg uncertainity principle and show that electron does not exist in nucleus
  • Define Superconductivity
  • What is antireflection coating ? what shoukd be the refractive index and minimum thicknes of the coating
  • Meissner effect