Database Management System Importance [MU SEM-3 IT]

Module-1: Database System Concepts and Architecture

  • What is Database and what are its characteristics. [5M]
  • Difference between File System and Database System. [5M]
  • What is Data Independence? [5M]
  • State the DBMS System Architecture. [5M]
  • Who is Database Administrator and state the role of DBA. [10M]

Module-2: Entity-Relationship Model

  • What is Entity Relationship (ER) Model? Explain the following concepts. [10M]
  1. Entity Type
  2. Entity Sets
  3. Attributes and Keys
  4. Weak Entity Types
    (Give Definition, Notation and one example of the following concepts.)
  • Explain the concept of Generalization, Specialization and Aggregation. (Any 1 or Any 2) [5M-10M]
  • Design and ER model for any real time case study. [10M]
    (Refer past 5 year’s Question Papers)

Module-3: Relational Model & Relational Algebra

  • State the rules for mapping the ER and EER Model to Relational Model. [5M]
  • State the Relation Algebra expressions for Unary Relational Operations. [10M]
    (Give Definition, Notation and one example of the following concepts.)
  • Map the ER Model designed to Relational Schema. [5M-10M]

Module-4: Structured Query Language (SQL) & Indexing

  • State the Aggregate Functions. [5M]
  • What are Recursive Queries and Nested Queries. [5M]
  • Explain the concept of View and Trigger. [5M-10M]
  • What are Integrity Constraints in SQL. [5M]
  • State all JDBC Drivers. [5M]
  • Differentiate between Functions and Procedures in SQL. [5M-10M]
  • Explain primary and secondary index. [5M]

Module-5: Relational Database Design

  • State the types of Normalization. [10M]
    (Give Definition, Notation and one example of the following concepts.)
  • Sums on Normalization. [5M-10M]
  • Sums on Functional Dependencies. [5M-10M]

Module-6: Transactions Management and Concurrency and Recovery

  • Explain the concept of Transaction and state its diagram. [5M]
  • State the Acid Properties. [5M]
  • Explain the Serializability Conflict and View. [5M]
  • What are Lock-based protocols, Deadlock Handling and Timestamp-based protocols. (Any 1 or Any 2) [5M-10M]
  • Explain the Log-based recovery (Shadow Paging). [5M]

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