PCPF – IT Importance

1.Names, Scopes, Bindings, Scope rules, Storage management.

2. Type Systems, Type Checking, Equality Testing and Assignment.

3. Subroutine and Control Abstraction: Stack Layout, Calling Sequence, Parameter passing.

4.Generic subroutines and modules, Exception handling, Coroutines and Events. 5.Encapsulation,Overloading, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Initialization and Finalization, Dynamic Binding. 6. Lambda Calculus, Functional Programming Concepts, Evaluation order, Higher order functions 7. I/O Streams and Monads

8. Haskel

9. Prolog -Resolution and Unification, Lists, Arithmetic execution order, imperative control flow, database manipulation.

10.Concurrent Programming Fundamentals,, Multithreaded programs, Communication and Synchronization,Thread creation Syntax

11.Use of scripting in Web development–server and clients side scripting, Innovative features of scripting languages – Names andScopes, string and pattern manipulation, data types,object orientation.


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