Important Questions For AOA


  1. LCS
  2. String Matching (All)
  3. N-Queen, 8 Queen
  4. P, N-P Problems
  5. Sum of Subset, Job Sequencing
  6. Greedy Knapsack , 15 Puzzle
  7. 0/1 Knapsack
  8. Dijkstra , Multi Stage Graphs, Graph Colouring
  9. Merge , Quick , Min-Max Binary
  10. Asymptotic Notions, Master Theorem
  11. Travelling Salesman Problem
  12. Differences:
    a. Greedy vs Dynamic
    b. Branch and Backtracking
    c. Bellman & Dijkstra
    d. Prims and Kruskal

Important Note:

All materials available on are contributed by students. While the platform may provide valuable insights and resources, it’s crucial not to rely solely on these for your preparation. The “important questions” featured on are likely to be repeated in exams, but this repetition is not guaranteed. Therefore, it’s advisable to utilize a variety of study materials and strategies to ensure comprehensive preparation. Remember, success in examinations requires a well-rounded approach, including understanding concepts thoroughly and practicing a wide range of questions.

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